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Neymar's heir: how Kauan Basile plays, the boy who has already signed with Nike

A Brazilian skilled boy aged 8 appeared in Santos and has already signed his first sponsorship.

The new Neymar: Kauan Basile, a boy aged 8 that plays for Santos.
The new Neymar: Kauan Basile, a boy aged 8 that plays for Santos.

With just 8 years, this young boy is being compared to both Neymar and Pele and is set to make soccer history, according to the reports of the Brazilian press. He plays indoor soccer for Santos FC, the team where both Pele and Neymar started their professional career. With the jersey no. 10 in his back, he shows an impressive talent every time he jumps to the field.

His name is Kauan Basile, and he is the boy everyone is talking about nowadays. The reason is that he has just signed a contract with Nike, being the youngest player to do so in the whole history. Mengoni Sports, the agency that represents the star, revealed the signing on their social media.

With the approval of his parents, Kauan Basile has already made history and this may just be the start for him. Everyone talks, and videos prove, that he is a very talented and skilled player when he has the ball under control. It is expected that he will jump and leave indoor soccer in a couple of years, even though it hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Kauan Basile gained several trophies with Santos during 2020 and a year before he was named the best player from the Paulista tournament. As both Pele and Neymar started from the same club, with the exact jersey no. 10 the comparison is inevitable for him, and he will have to work hard to reach the shadow of his idols.

Waiting for his chance

As well as Pele and Neymar, the legends to whom he is compared, Kauan Basile would like to have his professional debut for Santos one day, if he moves from indoor soccer to soccer. The first time of the three times World Cup winner on a pitch was on 1956, when he scored a goal in his debut, while the debut of Ney was on 2009. Both did it with the Brazilian side.

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