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How many injuries has Lionel Messi sustained in his career?

The drama around Lionel Messi now is his frustration at being substituted and his eventual injury, a bruised bone on the left knee leading to questions of how many times he has been injured in his career.  

How many injuries has Lionel Messi sustained in his career?

Lionel Messi's injury record is pretty okay than that of a normal player, he has gotten injured a couple of times in his illustrious career but only a few have been serious and have him sidelined for a lengthy time, others have just been minor knocks that kept him out for a few days and games.

How many times has Lionel Messi been injured?

Messi in pain due to injury

According to data provided by transfermarkt, Lionel Messi has been injured or ill 32 times in his career. Only six of his injuries have made him miss more than a month of action and more than five games out.

How many games has Messi missed due to injury?

Messi down injured

Lionel Messi has missed a total of 112 games due to injury in his club football career, the numbers seem much for him but considering the number of games he has played in his career, it represents a small percentage. The most serious of those injuries have come when he was young.

Messi's worst injuries.

Messi's worst injuries came in the 2005/06 (torn muscle bundle) and 2006/07 (metatarsal fracture) seasons. The injuries forced him to miss 161 days combined as well as a total of 35 games including the 2006 UEFA Champions League final which Barcelona won after beating Arsenal. He had a repeated torn muscle bundle in the 2013/14 season and missed 56days and nine games.

How many injuries have made him miss one match?

Lionel Messi has missed just one match due to injury 10 times in his career, nine of which have come for Barcelona and the other one for PSG. It represents a good number of times he has been injured in his career, and is more in number than his serious injuries.

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