The biggest NBA rivalry vs El Clasico: which has more audience?

The El Classico has more audience when compared to the NBA biggest rival between the LA Lakers and Boston Celtic.

Fans in attendance at a Lakers game.
Fans in attendance at a Lakers game.

How does the biggest rival in both of the world's greatest sports compare? The American NBA and the Spanish La Liga. The game between NBA rivals Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtic is to NBA what Real Madrid versus Barcelona is to football in Europe. 

Both have something in common, they are the biggest rivals in their respective sport with almost matching achievements, Real Madrid and Barcelona achievement in European football is the best of any rival club in Europe like LA Lakers and Boston Celtic with both joint record holder of the most successful club in the NBA with 17 trophies each. 

The El Classico has witnessed 93,265 attend the clash at Camp Nou before, this was actually the highest attendance of any El Classico match. 

Whereas in the NBA clash between LA Lakers and Boston Celtic the game has witnessed a crowd of 19,156 on the highest. This shows that football fans loved to be in the stadium compared to the NBA. Majority of fans watched the NBA on TV. 

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