Football legend picks one of his favorite NBA players of all time

This football legend has followed the NBA for a long time while playing football.

By Emmanuel Mendez

A Football legend has followed NBA since the 1980s when he was younger.
A Football legend has followed NBA since the 1980s when he was younger.
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The NBA has had legends that have impacted the world. Despite football being the world's sport, the NBA has reached the world as well, even though they only play in the U.S. Many people across the world are now watching all types of sports, and one of the biggest football legends started watching the NBA at a young age before making his professional debut. The NBA in the 80s was a historic time and captivated many people.

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Thierry Henry was the football legend captivated by the NBA during the 80s. Henry has played for the biggest clubs in the world, like Arsenal and FC Barcelona. Henry is an admirer of many NBA legends, and even though he was focused on his football career, certain players made it easy for him to understand the game of basketball. Henry also praises these NBA players as role models for other basketball players and the prime example of basketball playing well.

Henry spoke in the JJ Redick podcast in 2018 and said, "Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson…you find yourself in a situation where you're gonna love the game. I mean if you don't like the game watching Bird and Johnson then you have a problem…I think it's a great introduction if you have to watch those two play."

Henry spoke about other players in the '80s and early '90s who were also influential in the NBA. Henry said, "Then, as you know, the Bad Boys arrived, and Michael (Jordan) arrived... and then Kobe (Bryant) and Shaq (O'Neal) and so on. And now my friend is in the game, Tony Parker, so I have to follow the San Antonio Spurs, and that's where it all started."

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Henry spoke about not being able to watch many NBA games when he was younger

Henry spoke about watching the NBA Finals but not being able to watch many NBA games. Henry said, "At the time, we didn't have a lot of games [on TV]. They were only showing the finals, and so at the time, the finals were the Celtics playing the Lakers, and I guess it was an amazing time for me to grow up."

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