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Santiago Solari's incredible percentage of effectiveness in Liga MX, which equals Pep Guardiola at City and surpasses Klopp at Liverpool

Santiago Solari is the sensation of Liga MX, for what he is doing with America. So much so, that he is already being compared with the best technicians on the planet, who surprisingly, he has nothing to envy.

Santiago Solari, Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp
Santiago Solari, Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp

Santiago Solari has a great presence in Mexico. As the captain and coach of America, he seized the helm of a drifting ship and headed for good port after being shipwrecked in murky waters. With the wind in his favor, he marches first in the Liga MX alone after 14 days and takes all the flashes of the press.

His numbers are really incredible, since of the total number of games played, he won 9, tied 4, and barely lost 1. However, this follows a trend that is no longer new since his arrival in Mexican football. Since arriving at America, Santiago Solari has led 29 games, in which he has won 19 wins, six draws and four defeats. Hence, he has achieved 63 out of 87 possible points at stake, which translates into a 72.41% effectiveness since his arrival in Mexico.

It goes without saying that in numerical terms, we are talking about a really very high average, and considerable, especially taking into account the moment in which Solari arrived at the club. In fact, it allows him to rub shoulders with the best, since Josep Guardiola himself has practically the same average as the Argentine. Pep has led the team in 305 games, with an impressive 72.5% win rate in all competitions.

As if that were not enough, he left behind nothing more and nothing less than Jürgen Klopp, and his Liverpool that has given so much to talk about. It is true, the German plays in a more competitive league than MX, but it is worth noting that he leads a squad full of figures such as Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané or Roberto Firmino.

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