Why does Gerardo Martino haven't cited Chicharito Hernández yet?

The situation in Mexico is delicate, it is already estimated with the possibility of not even qualifying for the next World Cup. That is why the name Chicharito Hernández came up as a possible solution. However, Gerardo Martino has not called him yet.

Javier Hernández
Javier Hernández

The activity of the National Teams around the world increased during the past summer with competitions of the caliber of the Gold Cup, America's Cup, Eurocup and Olympic Games. One of the names whose absence is even more strange is that of Javier Chicharito Hernández.

The Mexican player was not called up to the tricolor team despite the shortage of forwards and the tight soccer schedule. Over the weeks it is speculated that the non-call of the Los Angeles Galaxy player is due to personal problems with coach Gerardo Martino.

“It surprises me a lot because I have never had any problems with any of my colleagues, but I have not had any problem saying good things to him, and I have not shut up if I see something that I do not agree with. If there are colleagues in the Mexican National Team who have problems, I would love for them to look for me and tell me face-to-face, just as I have always said everything face-to-face”, commented the top scorer of the Mexican National Team.

Regarding the issue of his return to the national team, Chicharito made it clear that as long as he continues playing, he will always be willing to play with the tri. "I have the same desire that every active footballer has to represent his country", Javier Hernández added.

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