Goodbye MLS, Chicharito would return to Mexico and this video confirms it

Chicharito's future would be practically defined

By Hector Garcia

Chicharito's future would be practically defined
Chicharito's future would be practically defined
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Javier Hernandez's future would be practically resolved. The player will no longer continue with the LA Galaxy, something that has been known for a few days. After this situation, the player has firmly established himself as one of the great signings for a big team in Chivas. The Guadalajara team is the best positioned to take him and according to ESPN's Sergio Dipp, the player has already accepted terms with the club.


After months of rumors and speculation about this move, everything seems to indicate that Chicharito's return to Chivas would be close to being finalized. According to information from Sergio Dipp, from ESPN, Javier Hernández would have said “yes” to the flock to wear the red and white shirt again. With the negotiation underway, and the oppositions handled by the footballer, it is a matter of time before the return of the “Prodigal Son” to the Tapatío team is made official.


During the “Sportscenter” program on ESPN, Sergio Dipp (journalist for the network and close to Javier Hernández), confirmed Chicharito's interest in returning to the Flock: “After a great effort on the part of the Chivas board, Javier Hernández has said Yes to Guadalajara. “Chicharito has notified Amaury Vergara and company that he wants to return,” Sergio Dipp confirmed.


This has been Chicharito's career

Despite having offers from Europe, the Middle East and the United States (according to Dipp himself), Chicharito would have chosen Chivas, due to his affection for the club and his thirst for revenge after his time at LA Galaxy. After being a Chivas youth player and establishing himself in the first team as one of the greatest promises not only of the club, but of Mexican football, (being the scoring champion of the 2009/10 Bicentennial Tournament). Chicharito emigrated to England to join Manchester United in 2010, under the orders of Sir Alex Ferguson.

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