They made him feel his hometown: How did the fans of America receive Miguel Herrera?

A good part of the fans of America booed whoever was coach of the Eagles until Guardians 2020, in his return to the Azteca Stadium.

Miguel Herrera
Miguel Herrera

Tigres coach Miguel Herrera was received with a slight whistle by América fans upon entering the Azteca stadium. During the week, Americanism divided opinions on the way in which the Eagles coach would be received until the 2020 Guardians.

One sector expressed its intention to applaud Miguel Herrera for everything he gave the institution in his time on the bench, such as two league titles and one Cup. But other fans supported the idea of booing Herrera, who in his last months as helmsman of those of Coapa had some friction with the rostrum.

It is not known whether intentionally or not, but the local sound of the Coloso de Santa Úrsula omitted the name of the strategist when announcing the Tigres lineup. After mentioning the 11 starting players of the UANL, the local sound announced "Jorge Almada" as the team's coach.

Minutes later, Miguel Herrera took to the field alone, after his team will take the field in traditional protocol. While Miguel went to his bench, the stadium screen transmitted his image and it was when, for a few seconds, a light whistle was heard from the area where the America animation groups are located.

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