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Real Madrid: the history of the "Galácticos"

The Real Madrid of Beckham and Zidane quickly grew in popularity for its achievements, wealth and fame. Learn more about its golden era.

The Real Madrid "Galácticos" line up
The Real Madrid "Galácticos" line up

Every soccer fan dreams about their favorite team becoming the best team. This is usually an utopia in most cases, but in the early 2000’s this dream became a reality for the Spanish club Real Madrid. Back then, the club became known for its president’s ambition to create the ideal team, its main star being David Beckham. Find news about the English playmaker

The stadium that brought the "Galácticos" together: Santiago Bernabéu

Real Madrid quickly grew in popularity and success in the 2000-2006 period, which is known as the era of the “Galácticos”. This word refers to soccer players who are deemed superstars or top level players, famous both in the field and outside of it. 

It all started when Florentino Perez became president of the club in the year 2000. His policies were based on the aggressive acquisition of well-known players. One of the first players he acquired was Zinedine Zidane, in a transfer that cost €75 million in the year 2001. Learn more about the French midfielder.

David Beckham: an asset in the field and in the media

Zidane was one of the main figures of the team, maybe only slightly overshadowed in fame by the British David Beckham, who joined the team in 2003. His transfer cost €37.5 but an important asset he brought with him was his popularity in the media.

The "Galácticos" super stars celebrating a goal

Not only was he already known as a soccer superstar, but he was also married to pop star Victoria Adams. This popularity meant that he could attract huge advertising deals for the club. In time, these deals made Real Madrid the world's most wealthy club in the Galácticos era.

Galácticos’ accomplishments

From 2000 onwards, Florentino Perez acquired at least one galáctico every year. This brought about huge earnings and also huge success, since it was not all about the money for Real Madrid. 

Under Perez’s presidency, the team won 2 La Liga trophies, 1 Champions league, 1 FIFA Club World Cups and 3 Spanish Supercups. The team won 7 trophies in 6 years, a truly remarkable achievement worthy of a dream team.

The end of an era

As all good things, everything must come to an end and Real Madrid’s Galácticos era was not the exception. 

From 2006 onwards, the club failed to win trophies for three seasons in a row and suffered from quite a few defeats. The players started leaving the club and the financial success of the club started to decline. 

However, soccer fans will always look back at this time and appreciate the show put on by Real Madrid and all the shenanigans that kept fans at the edge of their seats expecting for the next move of the Spanish dream team.

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