Mexico fans could suffer the strongest sanction applied by FIFA in history, for their homophobic screams

FIFA sanctioned the FMF with games behind closed doors and a financial fine after what happened in the October games, but the next measure could directly affect the fans.

Mexico National Team fans
Mexico National Team fans

Mexico was again severely punished a few days ago because of its fans. The traditional shout ‘put @’ was heard again in the stands of the Azteca stadium in the October games of the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022 and FIFA did not remain with its arms crossed. He closed the doors of the Giant of Santa Úrsula again and imposed an economic fine on the FMF.

The fans continue to carry out the verbal attack against the rivals. It seems to be a never ending thing. For this reason, the highest body of world football has once again issued a warning, if it is not fulfilled, the followers of ‘Tri’ could be left out of the next World Cup event.

The latest warnings were only warnings for fans to modify their behavior in the stands, but if they do not do so, they will implement the deduction of points and could even be excluded from the stadiums in Qatar.

This is not the first sanction on Mexico. The Federation has had to pay 109 thousand dollars for the screams of its fans. FIFA was applying gradual punishments and already takes 17 sanctions to the Aztec team. These types of situations are not exclusive to qualifying matches but also in the local tournament and even in the Gold Cup where Concacaf intervened. Campaigns are currently being carried out to prevent the cry from being repeated.

The defense of the Mexican people is that for them the cry is not any type of discrimination. The context is different. “This is not an excuse. No word by itself is discriminatory, but in the case of old woman it is used in a derogatory way to refer to women. It is the use of words that generates these conditions of discrimination ”, explains in an interview with the Spanish media Claudia Pedraza, PhD in Political Science.

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