How was the rivalry between Tigres and Monterrey born?

Classic Regio, the origin: the poor vs. the rich; today both are the millionaires of Liga MX. The duel between Tigres and Rayados began as the people's team against the city's rich in 1960.

Rayados vs Tigres
Rayados vs Tigres

Since 1960 the rivalry between Rayados and Tigres was born, a duel that today is seen as the derby of millionaires, for being the best-priced in the transfermarkt with 68.8 and 58.5 million euros, respectively; But originally, these squads starred in the confrontation of the rich against the poor.

Thus, on Day 12 of the Guard1anes 2020 tournament, the best squads of Mexican football will be seen in terms of payroll, but for this to happen many years had to pass, although since 1952 Monterrey began to be linked with money to play in the Tec and the felines when they were born, they were labeled as the village team.

"When Tigres was born as a representative of the University, when it was the University's odds vs. Tec's, where they related Monterrey because they played here, it was the rich team against the poor", he recalled Jorge Urdiales, former director of Tigres y Rayados. Here at Tec the Jabatos would come out, they would go out and greet the people in the sun and then those in the shade, to win over the less wealthy people," he added.

Over the years, the UANL have stopped being the poor, companies arrived to take over the Nuevo León teams, such as Femsa and Cemex, who took Tigres to rescue them from the decline in the nineties, later only the cement company it would remain managing the university complex. While on the side of the Gang, Cervecería (Femsa) took over the team after the financial problems of the Abaco-Confía group.

The number one edition is considered the meeting of July 13, 1974, on day 1 of the 1974-75 season, the favorite was Rayados, but the cats responded, at that time they equaled three, showing that money is not what that matters on the court.

Tigres vs Rayados: Who won the most classics?

Tigres vs Rayados: Who has more titles?

Tigres has in total more titles than Monterrey. In this way, it has 14 titles, between national and international, while its classic rival has 13.

Tigres vs Rayados: All the goals in the classic

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