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How many Serie A's has Juventus won in a row

Juventus has already broken the record for consecutive Olympic laps and set a record that will be hard to beat

How many Serie A's has Juventus won in a row

Juventus was ranked seventh in the list of the best clubs of the 20th century organized by FIFA following the results of a survey of FIFA Magazine readers in 2000. The club, voted World Team of the Year by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics in 1993 and 1996, currently ranks third in the world's all-time club rankings.

Throughout its history, Juventus won a total of seventy trophies in official competitions, among which it has won the Serie A thirty-six times and also holds the record for nine consecutive victories in that tournament between 2011-12 and 2019-20 seasons. Find the latest news about other international leagues and keep up to date with the results of your favorite teams.

Juventus celebrating another Serie A title

All of their achievements

The club has played continuously in the top professional category of Italian soccer (known as Serie A since 1929) since its foundation, with the sole exception of the 2006-07 season. 

At the national level, they have won the Coppa Italia fourteen times, four of which have been consecutive, setting a double record in Italy. It is the team that has won the most titles in Italian soccer with a total of fifty-nine trophies during its career in the country's top division. 

In the case of the Champions League, they did not have the same luck: they won only 2 of the 9 tournaments played.  

In any case, below Spain and England, Italy is in the top 3 countries with the most cups in this tournament. With the triumphs of Milan (7), Inter Milan (3) and Juventus (2), they have 12 cups in total. Learn more about other European leagues and get to know all the current competitions.

Juventus stadium from the inside

At the international level, it has been the first club in the history of European soccer to win all three major UEFA club competitions. It has also won the league and cup titles in the same season, making it the only club in Italian soccer to win both tournaments in six different seasons.

Juventus is also the only Italian club to have won an international competition with a squad made up exclusively of national players, and the first and only club in Europe and the world to win all the international club competitions recognized by one of the six continental soccer confederations, in this case, UEFA and FIFA. 

Currently, with Allegri as their coach, the outlook is not entirely encouraging. In the fourth round of Serie A, Juventus is in 18th place in the table, after two draws and two defeats so far this season.

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