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America tired of Concacaf and will make a drastic decision

The sports president of Club América attacked in a press conference against the Gold Cup and Concachampions. 


He's angry and didn't hide it. Santiago Baños appeared at a press conference with America, prior to matchday 12 of the MX League against Mazatlán, and surprised with his statements, because in the 30 minutes that he was connected, he was enough to rant against Concacaf for the terrible organization in this 2021. The sports president of the Águilas was upset by how the calendar was made, especially during the second half of this year, since the Gold Cup intersects with the Apertura 2021 and also with the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

Santiago Baños.

"It's very poorly organized. It gives the impression that Concacaf wants to put all its events with shoehorn and is not well planned, starting with the Concachampions now that it starts", the manager began by saying and immediately added: "It's a tournament that the truth it does not give you much and that it is an obligation to win. It does not give you anything, either financially or sportingly, you only risk the players. I repeat, I think the only beneficiaries are Concacaf".

The reason for the anger on the part of Santiago Baños lies in the dates of the calendar, because in addition to the trips that will take place internationally, four competitions will be played between July and August: Gold Cup, Concachampions, MX League and Olympic Games. “At the start of the next tournament, the Gold Cup joins the first three days (of Liga MX) and what's intended's to play without selected teams. Anyway, it gives the impression that Concacaf is not taking into account that the raw material of its confederation is the teams of its leagues and that worries us a lot", he said.

This wasn't the only thing that Baños pointed out, because beyond the tight calendar, the economic rewards are practically non-existent and in the sports field, winning the Concacaf Champions League means nothing without the Club World Cup assured. The contrast's given with the benefits offered by the Copa Libertadores, because in addition to adding a high football prestige, the economic prizes they give are much better than those offered by Concacaf today. For this reason, the sports leader didn't rule out that his team asks Conmebol to participate again in the Libertadores.

"All the clubs would like to return to the Libertadores. It is a very prestigious tournament internationally speaking and we have seen it in recent years. It is a tournament of another level and we would love to return to the Libertadores for two issues: sports and economic”, commented Baños.

“It isn't a secret that the economic prizes in the Copa Libertadores are very attractive and that obviously helps us all. On the sporting issue I repeat, the boom that has to face teams from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, etc. The sporty touch that you have increases the quality and level of competition. It would be extraordinary that in the short term we could return”, he sentenced.

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