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How will the remodeling of the Azteca Stadium be and how much will it cost?

The neighborhood consultation has already been launched to evaluate the impacts that the modification of the colossus of Santa Úrsula would have.

Azteca Stadium
Azteca Stadium

55 years after its inauguration, on May 29, 1966, the Azteca Stadium, emblem of Mexican soccer, could begin to present a transformation that would turn it into a spectacular mixed-use complex that would include a shopping center and a hotel in two properties that would be called the  Complex.

Site A called Commerce Stadium would include a hotel (seven levels) with parking (two levels) and a commercial area (one level) and a shopping center (four levels) with parking (four levels). Site B called Centro Estadio would have a shopping center (three levels) with parking (seven levels) and the stadium.

The Azteca stadium, home of América, Cruz Azul and the Mexican team, currently occupies an area of 109,792.17 square meters; already completed, the Azteca Stadium Complex would occupy an area of 354 thousand 178.71 square meters.

The idea of remodeling the stadium was born thinking about the next World Cup, whose venue has already been confirmed, and will be shared between Mexico, the United States and Canada. In this way, 10 million dollars were allocated for the spare parts and expansion of the stands, thinking of a first-class international stadium.

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