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See here Messi's house in Rosario where he will live after his retirement. It is a luxurious mansion.

The Argentine star is building the mansion where he and his family will live once the idol leaves public life. 

See here Messi's house in Rosario where he will live after his retirement. It is a luxurious mansion.

Messi's house in Rosario, where he will live after his retirement, is a luxurious mansion and here you can get to know it, with everything it includes and its enormous cost.  

Lionel Messi loves Rosario and has always been very attached to the city in which he was born. 

At 13 years old, the Argentinian had to leave that place with his father and went to Barcelona, where he started his career in La Masía to then end being one of the best players of the Catalan side's history.

However, the player has always traveled constantly to Rosario and when he arrived there, he spent his days at his home in a village called Arroyo Seco

Messi's mansion will have amenities worthy of a multimillionaire.

But things are about to change as the star is building an impressive mansion in the same town, for when he retires from the world of professional soccer.

The new house of Messi at Rosario is located in the country Kentucky, in Funes, a few kilometers from Rosario, in one of the most exclusive areas of the area. And is worth a fortune.

What will Messi's luxurious mansion in Rosario be like?

According to information from the newspaper Récord, as well as other international media, the Argentinean star's mansion will have amenities worthy of a millionaire

The house will include:

-Carport for 15 vehicles, which will also be subway.

- Semi-Olympic swimming pool

- A cinema room with space for 40 people

- More than 1,500 square meters of space

- It will have three buildings with independent spaces for lodging.

- Soccer field

- Entertainment rooms

- Secluded rooms for yoga and meditation practices

- Press conference room

- Private access to the roads adjoining the house's grounds.

- Water system independent from the city water system

- Hybrid power plants on roofs and floors

- Poplar trees, which will serve to conceal the family's privacy from the player's neighbors or reporters

In his next mansion in Rosario, called "La Fortaleza", Messi will spend the rest of his days once he has decided to hang up his boots. 

How much will Messi's mansion in Rosario cost?

At the beginning it was known that the star's mansion had an initial investment of 5 million dollars, however it is speculated that at the end of its construction, the property will have reached a cost of 10 million dollars

But this will not be a problem for the PSG player as it is known that he will receive 30 million euros just for this season with the French club.

And it is expected that the amount will increase year by year as it has a loyalty bonus of that amount that will be effective if the Argentine remains at PSG both the second season and the third.

In other words, over the next two years, Messi will see his salary increase by ten million. Therefore the player will pocket 30 million euros in his first season with PSG.

But in the next seasons he will receive 40 million euros for playing for PSG. The amount the player will receive puts him well above his teammates. 

For example Neymar, who recently extended his contract until 2025, earns the same as Messi but he does not have the loyalty clause, so his salary will not increase over the years. 

In fact, it is known that in the renegotiation of his contract Neymar accepted a drop in his salary.

Therefore the price of the house, whether initial or final, does not scare the Argentine player

Where is the Argentinean's impressive mansion located?

According to what was investigated by Guido Záfora, an Argentine journalist, the mansion is located in a town called Funes, on the outskirts of Rosario, where the wealthiest people in the city have their residences.

It is even in the heart of the Kentucky neighborhood, which is by far the most expensive in Rosario

In fact, buying land in that area is unthinkable for most people since the cheapest land available in the area has a market price of 1 million dollars

It would not be Messi's first mansion

The player recently left the mansion where he lived with his family in Barcelona, where he spent the last 21 years as a player of the Blaugrana club. 

The property located in the Bellamar area of Castelldefels had an approximate cost of 10 million dollars and where the player and his family lived for the last 13 years. 

It should be noted that the player had not only bought this luxurious house but also the adjoining house because he hated the annoying noises

When leaving the property, the player said a phrase with which he made his followers feel that the change he was about to experience when leaving for Paris was very big: "It is very difficult for me after so many years of making my life here". 

The property had originally cost him 4 million euros, although he had to invest another 6 million euros to buy his neighbor's house, bringing the cost of the mansion to 10 million dollars. 

That house in Barcelona had a heated swimming pool with a solarium and adjoining bar, decorated terraces, a fully equipped gym in which the weights area is differentiated from the cardio area, and several porches overlooking the garden.

It also had areas designed for your children to play, such as the children's play area. as a playground, a mini soccer field and a basketball court.

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