Javier Hernández is depressed: what happened to the LA Galaxy forward?

Javier Hernandez put the issue of mental health on the table, the arrival to LA Galaxy and personal problems led 'Chicharito' to suffer a strong depression.

Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez

Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez mentioned that he had a hard time adapting to the LA Galaxy due to personal issues of which he confessed: "I fell into a deep depression". In an interview he gave details of everything that affected him, not only the pandemic, but also the death of his father, his personal situations and the change to the Galaxy in his first MLS season.

The Mexican fell into depression without realizing it until he accepted the reality and assured that it was not exclusively the responsibility of COVID, nor of his father's death.  "I think I had such a strong void with myself that I later realized that it was only going to be filled with self-love and nothing else, but when you know that you are responsible you are the creator of anything," the striker assured.

A hard blow for Javier Hernandez

Regarding the death of his grandfather he spoke about how important he was in his life, he represented a father figure, professional, "People close to my family know that he has been a team of love and work to date. They have been my biggest supporters and my biggest critics. To date," mentioned "Chicharito".

Javier Hernandez said that every morning he is motivated by the love he has for the field to continue being a soccer player. "What I feel when I come. It can be ambiguous, but it's what I feel because if that love and passion didn't exist, I wouldn't dedicate as much time as I do to many things and I wouldn't dedicate six to eight hours to the sport," he said.

"Chicharito mentioned that this motivation is what he feels when he sees that an institution offered for him "to be one of the best in La Liga. Then I must behave like one of the best, I know that only twelve hours here or three hours here will not be enough to return that confidence to what they told me, even economically what they paid me".

About the MLS and MX all-star game, Javier Hernández knows it, so it is a very important challenge for him, but it depends on his recovery to reach that game. "I think the story of "Chicharito" or Javier, from last year to now, I want you to understand the message is that the truth is worth it. Last year I didn't give a penny for me and now I'm in the All Star," he commented.

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