Who is Devyn Pulisic? Christian Pulisic's sister and the Weston McKennie controversy

The young businesswoman was involved in a very strong controversy a few months ago.

Who is Devyn Pulisic? Christian Pulisic's sister and the Weston McKennie controversy

Devyn Pulisic, who is the Christian Pulisic's sister, experienced a very strong controversy with Weston McKennie, the Juventus midfielder, a few months ago. 

And while the event is in the past, it is important to remember the facts to know the seriousness of McKennie's actions not only with his teammates but with his country. 

It all began in September of last year when anonymous sources close to the USMNT began circulating rumors that someone in the camp had broken anti-COVID-19 protocols

While initially no further details of the events were given, the information would slowly be released, unveiling a controversial event involving McKennie, Pulisic, Pulisic's sister, and ultimately the entire USMNT.

Who is Devyn Pulisic? Christian Pulisic's sister and her life

Devyn was born on April 10, 1996, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States, and is the daughter of Mark Pulisic and Kelley Pulisic.

Her father, Mark, is a former professional indoor soccer player and soccer coach, and according to Devyn's words, is her greatest inspiration in life, while her mother is a teacher.

The young businesswoman has two brothers, Christian and Chase Pulisic, and so far only the first one has dedicated himself professionally to sports. 

Over the years, Devyn has grown to appreciate her fame as Christian Pulisic's sister, as it is no secret that she is very close to him. 

Devyn Pulisic is a young businesswoman

Devyn Pulisic is not only the Chelsea player's sister, in fact, she is in business and owns a company called Tranquility Stables.

This company was created in 2019 and among its services, it offers horse boarding, training, and lessons and according to the businesswoman's personal Facebook, the company still offers these services. 

Devyn's business has helped him stabilize financially, and she is estimated to have a net worth of $800,000 as of December 2020.

Despite this at present Devyn's business website is deactivated, but she makes constant posts about her business on Facebook and Instagram.

The businesswoman is currently in a relationship with a young man named Ben, who is very reserved and whose face is only seen when his partner uploads photos of them to her social networks.

Devyn Pulisic's social networks: what does she use them for?

Although many family members of famous athletes use their social networks to show how close they are to them, Devyn makes very different use of her Facebook and Instagram

While the businesswoman has uploaded photos and videos with her famous brother, she uses these platforms to also advertise the services offered by her company

That's why on her accounts you can see photos and videos of horses, of her teaching her students to ride horses or simply of the animals she houses in her stable. 

Despite this, the young entrepreneur also has social media accounts exclusively for her company, so there is much more material about Tranquility Stables' services on these platforms.

The start of the controversy: Devyn Pulisic and Weston McKennie

In mid-September different anonymous reports made it known that anti-COVID-19 protocols at the USMNT rally had been broken, but those reports had not detailed in what way. 

What was reported was that the breach of these protocols was due to indiscipline, which would undoubtedly be punished by U.S. Soccer as the event occurred at a training camp prior to FIFA commitments

Later, more information came to light: one of the USMNT players allegedly brought a woman into the camp, which is not only prohibited by the rules of all professional teams. 

In doing so, this player had put not only his own health at risk but also that of his teammates by spreading the virus

And the worst was yet to come when the names of those involved in the indiscipline were revealed. 

Those involved? Weston McKennie and Pulisic. But not the player, but his sister, Devyn

The scandal exploded and one name emerged: Devyn Pulisic

Once the names of those involved surfaced, it was all downhill for McKennie and the sister of his national teammate, Devyn Pulisic. 

As soon as his name reached the ears of U. S. Soccer, the immediate decision was to cut him from the squad as the Texas midfielder broke Covid protocol after bringing a woman into the U. S. training camp.

Most seriously, the player brought the woman into his room prior to the match against Honduras at the Olímpico Metropolitano in San Pedro Sula.

Although U.S. Soccer first tried to handle reports that the player had greeted fans without a mouthpiece, later when they released the press release they learned of the player's indiscipline. 

"Weston will return to Italy and will not be available for the match against Honduras due to a violation of team policy," Berhalter said via a statement.

And although the name of the woman the player allegedly brought into the players' training camp was not revealed, the U.S. media soon revealed it and everyone was shocked

The woman in question is none other than Devyn Pulisic, sister, of Christian Pulisic, Chelsea player and McKennie's teammate as a USMNT international.

At the end of the story, Weston McKennie faced only a two-game suspension. 
And as far as is known, he has had no further contact with Devyn Pulisic

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