(VIDEO) Pulisic scores against Newcastle to keep AC Milan alive in Europe

Pulisic scored the tying goal to keep Milan alive

By Hector Garcia

Pulisic scored the tying goal to keep Milan alive
Pulisic scored the tying goal to keep Milan alive
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AC Milan is risking its life in the Champions League against Newcastle United in a match where the Italian club tied the game thanks to a goal from the American Christian Pulisic. The American player achieved an unexpected shot for the Newcastle goalkeeper and that marked the team's goal in the match on English territory. At the moment, this result does not benefit either club.


AC Milan has had a hard time in its UEFA Champions League group, given that after 5 rounds the team has 5 points corresponding to 1 victory and 2 draws. At the moment, due to goal difference, the San Siro team is in last position in the group.


The team began its journey by drawing 0-0 against Newcastle at home. On the date, Il Diavolo tied again at 0, but this time against Borussia Dortmund. On Matchday 3 they received their first blow, since they lost by 3 goals to 0 against PSG, although, on Matchday 4 they recovered, since they beat the French by 2 goals to 1. Finally, in the last match played , they lost at home 3 goals to 1, this against the Germans.


What did Milan need to qualify?

Initially, the team would have to win against Newcastle, thus achieving 8 points, which would, at least, guarantee them a place in the Europa League. Although, this will not be an easy task, since they are visiting and the Englishman is also risking his life, with the support of his fans. Subsequently, Milan needs Dortmund to win at home against PSG, in this way, Il Diavolo classifies as second in the group.

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