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Sarah Luebbert says goodbye to Club America women's roster

The player will return to the NWSL in 2022 with the Chicago Red Stars.

The player, originally from Missouri, arrived at Coapa on loan
The player, originally from Missouri, arrived at Coapa on loan

Sarah Luebbert will say goodbye to the Club America women's roster and Liga MX as she will return to the NWSL with the Chicago Red Stars in 2022.

The Chicago club informed that they have the player for the 2022 season, so Luebbert will only remain in Mexico until the end of her participation with the Aguilas in the Clausura 2022. 

The player, originally from Missouri, arrived at Coapa on loan, but little by little she has won the hearts of the Azulcrema fans.

Especially for the decisive victory in which she collaborated this weekend, when her team, Club America, defeated the Tigres women's team.

But also took away the unbeaten streak that the Nuevo León team had maintained for more than 40 matches. 

Luebbert's numbers with Club America

The midfielder has registered good numbers with her current club, considering that a good part of her stay in Mexico was injured. 

So far, he has started all his matches as a starter. He has played a total of 262 minutes on the field and the only goal he has scored was extremely important. 

Not only because it helped his team win 2-1, but also because it helped end Tigres' unbeaten streak. 

Luebbert made her Liga MX debut on Monday, August 30, 2021 against Necaxa, a match that the Aguilas won with a score of 1-0. 

From then on, the player could only play in 5 games for the team as she suffered a serious injury that kept her away from the field from date 8 to date 15. 

However, so far in the Liguilla, Luebbert has recovered her level and played a fundamental role in the match against Tigres to snatch the Tigres women's team's undefeated record after 40 matches. 

What has the player said about her departure from Club America?

The news of Luebbert's return to the NWSL has put Club America fans on alert, so the Mexican press did not miss the opportunity to ask the player about it. 

It was journalist Ivonne Almaraz who, in an interview, dared to ask her what she would do if the Coapa team put an offer on the table to stay and play in Mexico. 

The midfielder responded: "Today I can say that I am very excited to be able to help the team, I like being able to contribute and I want to continue like this, I want to do my best for as long as I am here".

At the insistence of the press, Luebbert commented:

"I am also one of those people who focus on just one thing, so now we are in the semifinals and it's Tigres' turn, so my mind is on that, on playing a good game in this series to continue giving away joy and move on to the Final, which is undoubtedly one of our objectives." 

December 21, deadline

Club America coach Craig Harrington has been adamant about the player's upcoming departure from the Aguilas.

He has stated that he would not discuss Sarah's contract situation, a situation that will be defined on December 21, just hours before the final game, if America makes it to the final game. 

Harrington was very firm in saying that for now this issue is not his priority, as the most important thing at the moment is the second leg of the semi-final of the Mexican women's soccer championship.

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