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Brian Rodriguez could be sold to Serie A Torino in a record amount for MLS

The Uruguayan player would have already received an offer from the Italian club to emigrate to the European continent.
viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2020 · 18:20

Brian Rodriguez became one of the revelation players of the 2020 MLS. The Uruguayan showed a very high level during the tournament and has already begun to attract the attention of several European clubs that want to hire him to face the 2020/21 season in one of the five major leagues in the world.

For now, the one who bid for the player is the Torino from Serie A. The Italian team would have made an offer for $ 20 million dollars, which would make it the most expensive sale in MLS history, surpassing $ 13.5 million in the which Alphonso Davies was sold to Bayern Munich in 2019.

Rodriguez is also a fundamental part of the Uruguayan team and is one of the best U23 players in the American continent. In case of the transfer to European football, his former club Peñarol would receive 25% since it is the percentage they have from the player.