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There’s just one thing keeping away Javier Hernández from wearing Mexico National Team colors again

He hasn’t played for El Tri since 2019.

El Tri needs a striker like “Chicharito”.
El Tri needs a striker like “Chicharito”.

Mexico National Team already knows the teams that they will face in the Group C of the Group Stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup: Argentina, Poland and Saudi Arabia, in what will be one of the most attractive groups of Qatar 2022.

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El Tri will try to obtain the ticket to the round of 16 on the games against Poland and Saudi Arabia, as two victories on the first and last game of the group stage will be needed if they want to classify as second of their group.

The game against Argentina looks more complicated, as the Mexican national team has faced La Albiceleste on three occasions, losing the three games. The first one was in the 1930 World Cup and the last two games were in the round of 16 of the 2006 and 2010 world cups.

Gerardo "Tata" Martino knows that if they want to have possibilities of defeating Poland and earning at least a point against Argentina, they will need to solve the lack of goals they showed during the CONCACAF Qualifiers, and he's even willing to consider Javier “Chicharito”Hernández once again under one condition.


Hernández, ready to wear El Tri colors once again

Javier Hernández hasn't hidden his desire to play for El Tri again, something he hasn't done since 2019. His last game was against USMNT on a friendly match that the Aztec squad won by a 3-0 score and "Chicharito" scored one of the goals.

After being involved in a scandal, Martino decided to stop calling him, even when the lack of goals became one of the biggest issues for El Tri. But now that Martino will have more time to build a squad according to El Tri's needs, the presence of a player like Hernández is muchly needed.

According to reports, the Argentine coach already spoke with Javier Hernández, and requested him to apologize if he wanted to be considered again, something that “Chicharito” might have already done, as Martino said during an interview for TUDN that Hernández is an eligible player to be part of his squad.

The problem is with Yon de Luisa

The only thing that now is keeping him away from the Mexican national team is Yon de Luisa, FMF chairman, as he vetoed Hernández given that he was one of the players that didn’t agree on how the prizes awarded for Russia 2018 were distributed. If Hernández is able to heal the relationship with De Luisa, he will have open doors to return to El Tri.

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