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Ricardo Peláez is behind Alexis Vega’s decision of leaving Chivas

Vega hasn’t renewed his contract with Chivas.

He’s been followed by CF Monterrey.
He’s been followed by CF Monterrey.

It’s no lie to say that Alexis Vega has become the best player of Chivas during Clausura 2022, as even when Marcelo Michel Leaño was still coaching them, the left-winger was always looking to put El Rebaño Sagrado on the scoresheet.

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Now with Ricardo Cadena, the 24-year-old Mexico international has become a fundamental player, as he’s scored one goal and assisted two times, although most of the plays start from his feet. Thankfully for Chivas, they were able to comeback against Tijuana without Vega, as he missed the game due to a suspension.

So far, Alexis Vega has played all but three games in Clausura 2022 -his three absences have been suspensions from being sent off-, where he’s scored five goals and three assists. With two more goals, he’d be sealing his best season in Liga MX, surpassing what he did in Toluca.

But the red cards haven’t slowed Vega down, as he looks more focused than ever on having a strong finish in the season, as he knows that he can start negotiating as a free agent with any club over the summer, and his outstanding performances can open more doors for him.

Will he leave Chivas?

Alexis Vega hasn’t showed any signs of wanting to start negotiating with Chivas a possible contract extension given that there’s evident differences between the left-winger and Ricardo Peláez, Chivas’s sporting director.

Although he’s said in the past that his intention is to remain in El Rebaño Sagrado, Vega hasn’t felt fully welcomed given that Peláez has broken some of Vega’s strongest connections in Chivas, something that has made him uncomfortable.

The first player that Peláez drove out of El Rebaño Sagrado was Uriel Antuna, with whom he understood perfectly not only inside the pitch but also outside. Now, they are determined to part ways with Raúl Gudiño, who has been erased from the starting XI after he decided to not renew his contract.

Where can Vega play next season?

During the winter transfer window, Alexis Vega was close to arriving at CF Monterrey, team that is still interested in acquiring the 24-year-old left-winger. According to reports, they are willing to double or even triple his current salary just to convince him to join them.

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