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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: The advice he gave Josef Martínez for his rehabilitation

The Venezuelan forward said that he spoke with the Swede and revealed details of the talk. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic / Josef Martínez
Zlatan Ibrahimovic / Josef Martínez

From glory to "oblivion" and now, again, in search of his place among the best. Josef Martinez hasn't played for Atlanta United in MLS for a year due to a severe knee injury that he has recently begun to overcome after five surgeries and a far from easy rehab. However, the Venezuelan striker has brought out the character and determination to return to activity with his team in this 2021 season.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: The advice he gave Josef Martínez for his rehabilitation.

During this inactive year, Josef has had the opportunity to speak with different colleagues regarding his recovery and one of them was Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This was confessed by the number seven from Atlanta United this Friday in a videoconference with the media. "He had to speak to Zlatan once. We had very similar injuries. He told me that I was the doctor and that anything to call him back", he said.

His injury was complicated last December, so the South American attacker came to think that he would not play football again. "The main objective now is to take better care of myself. When you have an injury you think it is made of wood or iron. I have learned to take care of myself much more. I had an infection in December. I thought I didn't want to play anymore. I thought I could not, because it was a more complicated infection. There were three operations in five days", he said.

Josef Martinez and a threatening message to Orlando City

Finally, Josef put mischief in Atlanta United's first game of the season, which will be against Orlando City on April 17. The purple outfit is one of Martínez's favorite victims and he recalled it: “Obviously, I'm not one hundred percent. I am working for that. And it is already the decision of the coaching staff and how one evolves for that first game. My message for Orlando is that Dad is back, so don't be too happy".

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