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Reasons why Italian clubs don't want to sign South American players again

With World Cup coming up next year, a lot of qualifiers are to be played, having South Americans in your team is what everyone is trying to avoid.   

Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal
Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal

The South Americans football federations has been accused of the formula they used in playing their qualifying matches, the recent comments comes from Italy World Cup winning coach, Marcello Lippi who said that European Clubs should be discouraged from signing South American players because of the stubbornness of their federation in forcing their qualifiers format. 

Speaking during an interview with Corriere dello Sport today, Marcello Lippi explained that clubs that have more of South American players in their team are at the receiving end of the federation stubbornness as the players are forced to play at least three matches in 10 days during the break which runs into late night Thursday/Friday.

According to Lippi, "Incompetent confederations are at fault, which did not want to change the formula of their qualifying for the World Cup. In South America there are many teams, everyone has to agree, they play three games and go on until Thursday night/dawn on Friday.”

"Two teams trust the South Americans the most. Inter with Lautaro, Vecino, Correa, Vidal, Sanchez and Juventus with Bentancur, Cuadrado, Danilo, Alex Sandro. The issue of injuries is different. These players will miss their club's next game and this will make European teams not want to sign South American players in the future and this is bad for a continent that relies on its talent exportation. 

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