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As if it were the first time: the joy of Raúl Jiménez after training with the Mexican National Team

The Wolverhampton striker assured that for him it's like starting again with the team. He has not been able to play with the Mexican National Team since November 2020.

Raúl Jiménez at Mexican National Team
Raúl Jiménez at Mexican National Team

Mexico will face Canada this Thursday for a new round of the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022 and eyes will be placed on Raúl Jiménez. The Wolverhampton striker will be one of the main protagonists of the match, after returning to work under the command of Gerardo Martino, after nearly a year of absence from the playing fields.

“Yes, I think so, almost a year the last FIFA date of November last year, it is something very cool to return and be with them again, I came a couple of days on vacation before the Gold Cup and to visit them, before returning to Wolves. It's like starting out, as if it were the first time I've come here and it feels really cool”, Jiménez explained.

Raúl Jiménez was summoned in September to be part of the Concacaf octagonal final; However, the Premier League notified the Mexican Football Federation that Wolverhampton would not loan Jiménez due to COVID-19 restrictions, so he can't travel with his teammates.

Finally, the Premier League striker praised his teammates who played the first three duels of the octagonal final: “I think very well, there is a great group, a great team to do important things, 7 points out of 9 is not easy playing two away matches is something that was done well last FIFA date and there, I will not say no, we will lose because nobody is invincible, but have the calm and patience to continue thinking about going out to win the next game", concluded.

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