Why did the MLS and Liga MX create the new format for the Leagues Cup

Concacaf made an imminent announcement, confirming the new tournament called the League Cup, which will bring together the Liga MX and MLS teams starting in 2023.

Liga MX and MLS = League Cup
Liga MX and MLS = League Cup

As the Liga MX approaches the middle of the current tournament, fans are attentive to the news that arrived from Concacaf, as everything indicates that in two years, both the Mexican soccer teams and the MLS teams will face each other in a new tournament that promises to be very attractive.

Modern soccer is constantly undergoing change, and it seems that from 2023 onwards there will be increasing competition for Mexican soccer teams and MLS teams. Is that, as announced in the parent body of North America, Central America and the Caribbean, in two years a new version of the Leagues Cup will begin.

While the change of season was being celebrated all over the world, at the Concacaf headquarters the festivities had a different color. It is that yesterday marked the 60th anniversary of its creation and they decided that it was a great moment to announce a new tournament format that once again unites the two strongest leagues in the Confederation: Liga MX and MLS.

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Leagues Cup: What will the format of this new competition be like?

The Leagues Cup will have a new format, as it will bring together all the teams from both leagues in a competition that will have as its main objective, not only to add a new trophy to their showcases, but also to ensure the classification to the Concachampions, since the winner will obtain the income the eighths and the second and third will directly enter the first round.

League Cup: What benefits would this new competition bring?

This tournament will mean more money for the clubs, as they will play more matches and against rivals in the neighbor country. This way, the MLS will expand into México as the Liga MX will too into the US.

League Cup: League Cup: The first problem has already came

Although clearly the extension of this tournament will bring more attention and can probably help more than one footballer to make a leap in quality, little was said about the time factor. The idea is that this tournament is played for a month without interruption, in which both the First Division of Mexico and the United States will be paused.

With this new tournament on the calendar, what will happen to the players who have to travel with their national teams? It is that the addition of a new competition may be good for the economy of both leagues, but it will not be so good for the well-being of the players, who will have more and more rest.

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