European Super League: the list of clubs from MLS and Liga MX that would be in the American Super League

By history or by present, these teams could be part of the American Super League. 

The Super League
The Super League

The European Super League hasn't waited for the door to be opened, it has arrived and has thrown it away. To imagine that something similar could be carried out on this side of the 'pond' can cost work, although work is alre

European Super League: the list of clubs from MLS and Liga MX that would be in the American Super League

ady being done to unite the Liga MX and the MLS. On that side of the planet, 12 of the most important teams gathered and there were still eight more to go. Now, what teams from Liga MX and MLS could make up a select league at the continental level?

Team's of Mexico

America: The largest team in Mexico and Concacaf, owner of 13 domestic leagues, six Concachampions and an enviable history. Owner of one of the most emblematic stadiums on the planet and a philosophy that is not for everyone.

Chivas: Despite its gray present, the rojiblanco club remains one of the most emblematic teams in Liga MX. His philosophy of playing with pure Mexican would be a great counterweight against the rivals in the area.

Cruz Azul: The Celeste Machine was a regular competitor of Conmebol tournaments, the Noria team is one of the most winners in Mexico and Concacaf and its fans are the most loyal on the continent.

Pumas: Like Chivas, Universidad Nacional is not experiencing its best moment. But his seven leagues, his international tournament trophies and his historic players have his back. It could be a mental and economic clean and jerk for those from Pedregal.

Tigres: The team that seeks to sneak into the big four of Mexico. the best team of the last 10 years in Liga MX that already knows how to transcend against South American rivals. Gignac and company would be present.

Team's of United States

Atlanta United: One of the newest teams in MLS, but also one of the most important. They already have a domestic league and are frequent guests at Concacaf tournaments. The Mercedes Benz Stadium would be one of the ideal venues for the Super League of America.

Los Angeles Galaxy: The most important team in MLS, its spectacular signings, its fans throughout the United States and its regularity in international tournaments make it ideal to be one of the guests of the new contest. Donovan, Beckham, Gerrard and Ibrahimovic have already passed by.

Inter Miami: David Beckham's franchise has world-renowned players, such as Gonzalo Higuaín, and in his second season in MLS he aspires to fight as equals for the title of champion.

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