Weston McKennie and Sergiño Dest prove why USMNT is about to overtake Mexico national team

Both USMNT players performed good in the Champions League clash of FC Barcelona against Juventus and the comparison with Mexico is now close.
martes, 8 de diciembre de 2020 · 19:17

USMNT is conforming to one of the most powerful squads for the future. During many years, soccer was not as important as it is nowadays in the U.S. but things have now changed. Starting for the growing of the MLS, where top players and young promises started to play at.

Continuing with the national team, where there are some great talented players who promise a lot. Two of those who could mark the future of USMNT are Weston McKennie and Sergiño Dest. The players from Juventus and FC Barcelona respectively show their conditions once again and prove what they can be capable of.

Juventus defeated FC Barcelona on Champions League Week 6 group stage and both midfielder and defender played the match having a very good performance and capturing the attention of the entire world after a season in which they are clearly showing off their skills.

At this point, we may imagine that USMNT will be, undoubtedly, a powerful national team on the future, and we may even question how far away they are from reaching the level of Mexico national team. With so much young players, it is just a matter of time for them to grow and have a competitive team.