Laporta is furious and he wants to replay the Madrid-Barcelona, this is what the VAR said about the disallowed goal

From the VAR of La Liga they have made known what was said during El Clasico and the controversial plays that arose

Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona, during a press conference in 2024.

After the controversial action during El Clasico between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in which there seemed to be a goal for Barça, Joan Laporta assured that they were going to request a replay of the match after requesting the VAR images. However, the VAR of La Liga released the audios of the play in question and they revealed that they did not have enough evidence to determine if the ball had gone in, so they decided to restart with a corner kick.

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During the action that triggered all the controversy, the referee of the match, César Soto Grado, reiterated to the VAR officials that there was no hurry to make the decision, as he assured that it was "a very important decision". However, the VAR officials told him that there was no conclusive shot that could confirm that Barcelona's goal should go up on the scoreboard.

These audios were released a few hours after the president of Barcelona, Joan Laporta, assured that "there were several debatable plays but among all of them there is one that is essential and that can lead to a change in the final result of the match. I am referring to the so-called phantom goal by Lamine (...) If it is confirmed that it was a legal goal, we will go further and we do not rule out asking for a replay of the match, as has happened in a European match due to a VAR error". However, with the VAR audios, it seems that now it will be more difficult to carry out this threat.

In the same sense, unofficial media have made their own analysis, although they do not agree either, as there are those who claim that the ball did not go in and others who say that it did. This has unleashed, in addition to much controversy, much criticism for La Liga, since the referee made it very clear during the match that in Spain they do not have the goal line technology, which immediately alerts the referee if the ball has crossed the line in its entirety.

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Barcelona is eleven points behind Real Madrid

After the defeat on Sunday, April 21, FC Barcelona is now 11 points behind Real Madrid in the fight for the La Liga title. The Blaugrana have 70 points, while Los Merengues have 81. With only six rounds left, this means that the team from the Spanish capital is four wins away from securing the title.

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