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Rafael Marquez's new salary as coach in the third division of Spain that is very far from the one of FC Barcelona

Rafael Marquez's salary at FC Barcelona was close to $ 8 million but now in his goal of starting his career as a coach he decided to put aside the millions.

Rafael Márquez
Rafael Márquez

Rafael Marquez was one of the best defenders in the history of FC Barcelona and the Mexican soccer team. His great quality as a soccer player generated that he had one of the highest salaries among the defenders of his time but that seems to have remained in the past since today he accepts a few dollars in order to start his career as a football coach.

It is not easy for former players to start their coaching career and that is why many times they must start from zero and accept the conditions that any club proposes to them. This is the case of Rafael Marquez who decided to accept the offer to be the coach of a youth team from RSD Murcia, a team that is in the third division of Spain.

In addition to being an almost unknown team in the world, Rafael Marquez would have agreed to work for less than $ 3,000 a month with the sole objective of improving in his new profession. Rafael Marquez's attitude is great and he shows his humility since he could easily want to start with a better team and be there just because of his name.

Rafael Marquez's career as a coach is just starting and we don't know how far he will go, but what we can see and draw from the conclusion is that Marquez wants to become a great coach and for now he doesn't care about money. It is a great act of humility from one of the best central defenders in football history.

Rafael Marquez and the privilege he had at FC Barcelona:

Rafa Marquez was one of the most important players in the history of FC Barcelona and together with Carles Puyol they knew how to make one of the best pairs of defenders. Furthermore, Rafael Marquez had the privilege of sharing a team with Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho. Not just any player had the honor of being on one of the best teams in history.

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