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Ricardo Cadena won’t stay in Chivas; Ricardo Peláez already has his successor

Chivas will have the home advantage in Repechaje.

Cadena remains unbeaten as Chivas coach.
Cadena remains unbeaten as Chivas coach.

The best thing that happened to Chivas in Clausura 2022 was the departure of Marcelo Michel Leaño, although people believe that the decision of parting ways with him arrived late in the season, Ricardo Cadena only needed the 4 games that Amaury Vergara gave him to turn things around.

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In the 13 games that Michel Leaño was in charge of El Rebaño Sagrado, they only managed to win three games, as the team didn’t know how to close the games and lost at least eight points on the final minutes thanks to late scored goals from their rivals.

But once Amaury Vergara took the decision of sacking him and naming Ricardo Cadena as interim coach for the last part of the season, Chivas have showed a completely different face and not only they’ve been able to close the games, but also to comeback if needed.

With the 12 points earned in the last four games of the season, Chivas now are looking to enter Liguilla after receiving the Repechaje game at home, but even if they have the opportunity thanks to Cadena, once the season is over, he’ll return to CD Tapatío, as Ricardo Peláez doesn’t think he’s the answer for what El Rebaño needs.

Who is the coach that Peláez wants?

Even if Amaury Vergara is thrilled with the results and good performances that Chivas have had with Cadena in the dugout, both Vergara and Peláez know that they have to take things slow for next season and not get blinded by the current results.

Although Cadena has good chances of becoming Chivas’s next coach given that he knows the structure and all of Chivas players both in the first team and the academy categories, Ricardo Peláez is looking to sign a more experienced coach.

According to reports from sports journalist Jesús Hernández, even if Vergara wants to keep Cadena, Peláez has Ricardo Ferretti as an option to take over the job, as he’s one of the coaches with most experience in Liga MX.

Will he arrive at Chivas?

Ferretti will become a free agent once Clausura 2022 is over, as he doesn’t plan on renewing with FC Bravos. But if El Rebaño wants to convince him to arrive at Verde Valle for next season, they will have to offer him a salary around $3 million per year.

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