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André-Pierre Gignac already knows the coach he wants in Tigres if Miguel Herrera leaves

Herrera is followed by at least three national teams.

“El Piojo” is under contract until 2023.
“El Piojo” is under contract until 2023.

After having an irregular first season where it he battled to establish his coaching system on a team that had been playing completely different for the past 10 years, it seems like Miguel Herrera has finally made Tigres play the way he wanted to.

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For Clausura 2022, Los Felinos have become one of the most offensive teams in the league, as they have scored 24 goals in 11 games, making them the team with the best scoring streak of the season, something that has helped them become leaders of Clausura 2022.

If that wasn’t enough, Miguel Herrera has also found a way to make them one of the best defenses of Mexican soccer, as they have received 13 goals, tied with Club Puebla as the third team with less goals conceded, just below CF Pachuca, with 11, and Atlas and Monterrey, with 9.

The outstanding performances of Tigres have gathered interest of three national teams to try to sign Miguel Herrera for the next cycle, which makes the possibility of his departure become more real than ever, that’s why André-Pierre Gignac already knows who he wants to replace Herrera if he ends up leaving.

Who is the coach that Gignac wants in Tigres?

With Miguel Herrera, the French striker has found a rhythm that during the six seasons he played for Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti never had, which is why he’s enjoying playing in Herrera’s systems so much, although there’s another coach that made him feel that comfortable on the pitch before.

During an interview with sports journalist Roberto Gómez Junco, Gignac said that Marcelo Bielsa has been the coach that marked him the most and helped him exploit his talents to become the player he now is.

“El Loco” Bielsa coached André-Pierre during the 2014-15 season in Ligue 1, where he arrived in Olympique Marseille in the last year of Gignac’s contract with the French team. In total, Bielsa coached OM in 41 games, where he won 21 games, tied 6 more, and lost the remainder 11.

Can Tigres hire Marcelo Bielsa?

According to reports, Marcelo Bielsa was earning almost $10 million per season with Leeds United before he was sacked in February. Although Tigres has the economical power to pay him a similar salary, they will first have to convince him to arrive, something they’ll manage to do if they present a solid project.

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