The conditions that Marcelo Bielsa puts to be the Dt of Mexico that will end with Martino's mediocrity

11The Mexican national team is considering the idea of stripping Gerardo Martino from his position, with the possibility that Marcelo Bielsa will enter his replacement.

Marcelo Bielsa
Marcelo Bielsa

The Mexican Football Federation once again considered the idea of hiring the Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa for the Aztec team after the new defeat, and failure, of Gerardo Martino. The "Loco", currently at Leeds in England, will surely accept to listen to the Mexican proposal, despite the fact that his present is very good in the Premier League.

Marcelo Alberto Bielsa is one of the most unique characters in modern football. After failing as a player in his native Argentina, the one born in the city of Rosario rose to the elite as technical director: he has been praised by figures such as Pep Guardiola, among others, for his peculiar way of behaving, attached to strict personal ethics. , combined with a style of play that impresses their teams, whose main characteristics are intensity and ease.

The truth is that although it would be a great pleasure to have the Argentine in the substitute bench, it would not be the first time that Mexico has been looking for him, since in 2015 the negotiations did not end up materializing. In any case, Bielsa had established 12 conditions for the Mexican authorities, thinking about his possibility of accepting the offer, which indicates that it will be a difficult negotiation again.

What are the guidelines that Marcelo Bielsa had established?

- Selected filters: medical, physical, sports.

- Do not participate in advertising campaigns.

- Control of all selections.

- Rivals from the top 20 of the FIFA ranking for friendly matches.

- Work with your medical team and your physical trainer.

- He puts on his own press team.

- Personal meetings with owners and federation of local clubs.

- Restructure the CAR (High Performance Center).

- Five training courts.

- Hyperbaric chambers.

- Train in Pachuca.

- If the CAR is not perfected in 12 months, the contract is terminated.

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