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How was the year of Lionel Messi in the Argentine team?

Lionel Scaloni's team played its last game in 2021 that will remain in the memory. He finished undefeated and crowned with the ticket to the next World Cup in his pocket. The review of the season.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Argentina closed a dreamed 2021 against Brazil. Lionel Scaloni's team had two great joys in the season that allow them to close the year in the best way. First, he was champion of the America's Cup and ended a long streak without titles. And now he achieved the long-awaited qualification for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The year began with the double knockout date in June, prior to the Copa América. The national team reaped two draws, against Chile and Colombia, and arrived with some football doubts for the outside but with confidence in the inside of the group.

That spirit was maintained throughout the entire continental tournament and brought good results. After the draw against Chile in the first match, the team established itself and achieved three wins in a row (Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia) to qualify for the quarterfinals and become a candidate.

The final was the crowning of a great month for the team and the reward for the effort of an entire generation. Against Brazil and at Maracana, with a great goal from Ángel Di María and the eternal celebration led by Lionel Messi. A whole country celebrated it and continues to celebrate it.

With the mental jerk that the Olympic return in Brazil implied, the team took a quality leap. Rodrigo De Paul emerged as one more figure behind Messi, Di María and Martínez. Players like Leandro Paredes and Cristian Romero devoted themselves and displayed their entire level at the right time.

Regarding the results, the balance was 10 victories and 6 draws, counting Colombia's Copa América as equality (the suspended match against Brazil will count as a victory when the awarding of the points for Argentina is made official). And as intangibles, there are two great news for Lionel Scaloni: he was able to consolidate the team's level of play and managed to put together a solid squad.

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