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The reason that could break famous TV Azteca’s duo Martinoli and Luis García

The stint of the iconic duo might be coming to an end.

TV Azteca's commentators might have to split up.
TV Azteca's commentators might have to split up.

For everyone that is aware of Mexican television, TV Azteca’s commentators and analysts Christian Martinoli and Luis García are one of the most beloved duos on TV right now, as the energy they display every Liga MX and Mexico National Team match is unparalleled.

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It’s no lie to say that they are a referent in the sports industry right now and had been for a while, as their narrations have become famous not only on Mexico, but are spread over the internet as people get really impressed with the vigor they imprint every single time.

But now, that relationship could be coming to an end after a discussion that might not have any other possible outcome than the separation of the iconic duo, as the outcome of the problem their facing seems to be irreparable.

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What discussion could be big enough to break up the successful duo?

For Luis García, there only exists one soccer god, and his name is Cristiano Ronaldo, something that Martinoli doesn’t seem to agree, as he was born Argentinean hence why he worships the “Argentinean Olympus of Soccer”: Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi, who he thinks are way better than the Portuguese.

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