Manchester United new urgent problem fans are worried about, it is not related to the players

Manchester United fans have more complaints about the club but not about the players on the pitch.

Martin Odegaard and Scott McTominay look at the ball in the Man United vs Arsenal match.
Martin Odegaard and Scott McTominay look at the ball in the Man United vs Arsenal match.

Manchester United once again suffered another loss in the Premier League as Arsenal won 1-0 at Old Trafford. That makes it two losses in a row in the league, and the team sits 8th in the Premier League table with 54 points after 36 games played. Although the issues with injuries and the performances are concerning for fans, another problem was evident and brought up once again: Old Trafford. Manchester United's iconic stadium has been called old for the past couple of years, and the fans want the club to act fast to fix issues like leaks on the roof. During the second half, heavy rain started pouring in Manchester, and the fans under the stadium roofs were soaked due to the leaks.

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Many fans have called for the renovation or upgrade of the 'Theatre of Dreams.' The new co-owner of Manchester United, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, has been talking and proposing a new stadium for Manchester United. The Telegraph reports that a close source in Manchester United said that 'the focal point of the project was the development of a world-class football stadium.'

Manchester United legend Cristiano Ronaldo even spoke about how surprised he was when he saw everything the same when he came back to the club in 2021 after spending many years at Real Madrid since 2009. Ronaldo spoke with Piers Morgan, saying, "Nothing has changed since I left Manchester. The pool, the jacuzzi, even the gym, and even some of the technologies, even the chefs that I admire and love, I thought I would see new infrastructure and technologies, but I saw things that I saw when I was 21 & 22 years old. It surprised me a lot."

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Erik Ten Hag on Manchester United's 1-0 loss to Arsenal

Ten Hag once again receives criticism for another loss with Manchester United this season, as this was the 14th league loss. Ten Hag found positives against the league leaders of the Premier League as said, "We were very competitive and you can see we were on the same level across the game. Even when we are missing seven starting eleven players we were in the game and could have got a result.”

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