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This Mexican entrepreneur is set to acquire Chivas after buying a financial institution

With the acquisition of Citi Banamex, Salinas Pliego could potenciate Chivas' trademark.

Chivas net worth is set at $311.5 million
Chivas net worth is set at $311.5 million

After the announce made yesterday by Citigroup that they’ll be selling Mexican bank CitiBanamex and leaving their investment in Mexican soil, one entrepreneur immediately shared his interest of acquiring said bank, but not only that, he already has spoken about buying Chivas team from its current owner.

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On social media, one of the wealthiest Mexican entrepreneurs, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who owns TV Azteca and soccer teams Mazatlán FC and Club Puebla, said he would be down to buy the financial institution in order to have more Mexican enterprises leading the market.

But not only he’s shown interest in acquiring CitiBanamex, in the past he has also said he would be interested on buying Chivas from the Vergara Family, as the team is one of the most profitable businesses in the Mexican market.

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How much could Salinas Pliego pay in order to buy both institutions?

According to Forbes, Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s net worth is set over $11 billion, as he partakes on a variety of industries, and for the acquisition of the financial institution he would have to pay a sum around $50 million, way below the $311.5 million that Chivas was valued in 2020.

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