Club Deportivo Olimpia

MLS seeks Honduran forward in CONCACAF Champions League.

A team at MLS is close to signing a Honduran scorer who intends to move to the United States.
lunes, 10 de agosto de 2020 · 13:53

The transfer market in MLS has provoked a large list of rumors regarding transfers from various clubs. One of these signings is in Honduras, with Club Deportivo Olimpia, a team that still disputes the CONCACAF Champions League.

The forward is Júnior Lacayo, who confessed in an interview that he still has a contract for another year with Club Deportivo Olimpia and that he is analyzing his permanence or departure from the club.

Júnior Lacayo revealed that he has an offer to go to MLS; however, he did not tell the team. Despite not being clear about his future, he confesses that he wants to move to the United States, which is why this option is growing actively. In the following days, the decision of the Club Deportivo Olimpia striker is expected to be revealed.