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Xavi Hernandez: what are the three urgent things he must address at Barcelona?

Xavi Hernandez Barcelona needs a turnaround very quickly or the season will be over for them soon.

Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernandez

Xavi Hernandez has a herculean task ahead of him at Barcelona considering the conditions he met at the club. Barcelona is in their worst form in decades after the departure of Lionel Messi

The Catalonia start the season with their best player in decades leaving for Paris, this begins their woes coupled with a lot of players getting injured, this lead to a series of very poor performances that saw Barcelona out of top five in La Liga table and a very poor start in the Champions League. 

Ronald Koeman got sacked after the 10th game of La Liga and was replaced with Xavi, Xavi's problem now is how to qualify for the next round of the UEFA Champions League, how to move up the La Liga table and most importantly how to get the team scoring. 

After yesterday's goalless dream with Benfica, it will be almost impossible for Barcelona to make it out of the, considering they have the last match of the group with the group leader Bayern Munich, they need a win to secure their qualification to the next round. The club still sits pretty at seventh position in La Liga with just 20 points and 10 points behind league leader Real Madrid. Breaking into the top four is a huge test for Xavi Hernandez for a team that has lost 

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