Xavi blames the referee again and what Ancelotti answered after Real Madrid's victory in El Clasico

Xavi Hernandez speaks after the match against Real Madrid and makes bold statements.

Xavi screams at his FC Barcelona players during El Clasico against Real Madrid.

Xavi was furious after El Clasico against Real Madrid and couldn't believe how FC Barcelona was not rewarded a goal in the first half from the controversial incident between the ball close to crossing the line. Xavi said, "The league we consider to be the best league in the world does not have goal-line technology! Everyone saw it, the ball went in. Since the beginning of the season in Getafe, I said that I do not like what is happening and that everything is hurting us, and today was the end of this story. Well, I'm proud of the team.”

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Xavi praised his team and believed that Barcelona was the better team despite the loss against Real Madrid. Xavi said, "We were the best team tonight, and we deserved to win. The future with those young talents will be bright for Barça. I don't need to say anything about the referee; everyone has seen it already - if I speak, they may sanction me; the images are there."

Even FC Barcelona's goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen spoke after the game and called the situation of the ball crossing the line a shame for football. Ter Stegen said, "It’s a shame for football world. No goal-line technology; why? There’s a lot of money into this industry, but apparently not for the most important thing. It’s just a shame."

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Carlo Ancelotti's response to Xavi's declarations

Ancelotti was asked about his opinion on Xavi's comments about the injustice of the referee's decision during the game. Ancelotti said, "Xavi? I don't want to comment on what Xavi thinks... I want to talk about the match, with good moments for both teams; in the end, we were able to win it with the last drop of energy."

When asked if he thought Lamine Yamal's flick in the first half was a goal and if the ball crossed the line, Ancelotti said, "I think that Lamine's shot was not a goal. There's no way to clearly determine that the ball went in."

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