After Liverpool legend's comment on Arsenal's win, this player responds

Jamie Carragher criticized the Arsenal celebrations being too over the top after they beat Liverpool 3-1.

Ex-Liverpool player Jamie Carragher had some words on Arsenal celebrations.

Arsenal defeated Liverpool 3-1 at home in a very important game. After it seemed like Liverpool could on course to continue their amazing form in the Premier League, Arsenal puts themselves in the conversation to challenge for the league title this season. Arsenal is now 2 points below Liverpool, while Man City has the chance to get closer to Liverpool as well with a win today against Brentford.

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With a win against Brentford, Man City will reach 49 points as well and will be two points behind Liverpool. The pressure is growing on Liverpool while Arsenal celebrate this huge win in the title race. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was seen running from the bench in celebrations after the third goal went in. Arteta and his players knew how important this win against Liverpool was, and they couldn't hold their emotions.

Arteta spoke after the game and said, "It was an extraordinary game; I think it was an incredible performance from the players and our people. They put their heart and soul into every ball, and I can not be any prouder because I know how difficult it is to beat this team, how much you have to suffer, all the preparation, and how much they have to process to try to do what they did on the pitch so a big thank you.”

One person who wasn't a fan of the Arsenal celebrations was Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher. A moment after the game, Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard took a picture of an Arsenal photographer with his camera. Carragher couldn't hold in his annoyance from the moment and said, "Just get down the tunnel, you've won a game, it's three points... You've been brilliant; you're back in the title race. Get down the tunnel." Other critics of Arsenal's celebrations rose online, but one of the players responded to the criticism.

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Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard defends the celebrations from his team after win against Liverpool

Martin Odegaard laughed it off after hearing many people were critiquing the Arsenal celebrations. Odegaard replies, “No, I think everyone who loves football knows how much it means to win this game. And if you are not allowed to celebrate when you win a game, when are you allowed to celebrate? We are happy with the win, and we will stay humble. We keep working hard, and we prepare for the next one, but of course, you have to be happy when you win.”

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