Wouldn't be the best idea, Premier League's proposal that could affect Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool and others

Premier League clubs could united to agree on a rule change next season.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United's logos are around the Premier League trophy with blue ribbons to represent Man City.
Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United's logos are around the Premier League trophy with blue ribbons to represent Man City.
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Premier League clubs have had issues with referees as of late, and most of the blame has to do with VAR [Video Assistant Referee]. The introduction of VAR in the Premier League was in the 2019/2020 season, and many fans and clubs have complained about decisions being wrongly ruled by the officials in charge of the system. VAR was supposed to avoid mistakes, but it has caused many controversies this season. David Ornstein from the Athletic reported that Premier League clubs will vote on a proposal to scrap VAR from next season. The resolution was formally submitted by Wolves to abolish the system completely, and any rule change will require a two-thirds majority to agree, which means at least 14 Premier League teams need to vote to scrap VAR for it to be removed next season.

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Wolves submitted a letter to the Premier League explaining why VAR should be scrapped completely next season. A part of the statement reads, "The introduction of VAR in 2019/20 was a decision made in good faith and with the best interests of football and the Premier League at its heart. However, it has led to numerous unintended negative consequences that are damaging the relationship between fans and football and undermining the value of the Premier League brand..."

Some of the reasons that VAR should be scraped, according to the statement Wolves released, are "impact on goal celebrations and the spontaneous passion that makes football special, frustration and confusion inside stadiums due to lengthy VAR checks and poor communication, a more hostile atmosphere with protests, booing of the Premier League anthem and chants against VAR," and more. Many Premier League fans online have agreed to remove VAR completely, while others want the system to stay but to teach or improve the official in charge of VAR.

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Big Six Premier League clubs want to keep VAR

According to Ben Jacobs, several Premier League clubs, including multiple 'Big Six' members, will vote to keep VAR. Some believe that technology is "more help than hindrance." Removing VAR entirely is seen as extreme since clubs view the system as a "work-in-progress" procedure.

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