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Cruz Azul's a winning machine and set an impressive record

Beat Juárez 1-0 and reached eleven consecutive wins in Liga MX
sábado, 3 de abril de 2021 · 11:26

For something they call to Cruz Azul The Machine. It's true that at the beginning of the 13th date of the 2021 Guardians tournament of the MX League, he suffered too much, but at the end he beat Juárez 1-0, which allowed him to add his eleventh consecutive victory, setting a new record in the club's history. This historic triumph made the cement producers overcome their maximum streak of stories, which they achieved in the 71-72 season, when they were champion at the end of the contest.

Jonathan Rodríguez.

With some absences in the initial line-up by the cement producers, due to the matches played by the U-23 teams, in the pre-Olympic tournament in Guadalajara, and the largest, in a small tour of Europe, the machine intended to increase its historical streak of victories. Although on paper the border team seemed an easy opponent, the Braves took to the field with their best players to give the leader of the competition a close game.

The first half was developed mostly in the midfield, in a locked way. The citizens of the capital had some occasions, as did those of Juárez, which is located in the last place of the table. However, neither was hurt and they went with a score tied at zero at halftime. During the second period, there was a greater dominance by the Celeste team, but they did not manage to capitalize on it with a goal. Those led by Alfonso Sosa, with some surprise attacks and several rebounds in the area, almost got the partial advantage, but the mistakes of their forwards caused the Cruzzulino goal to continue without goals.

During the last 20 minutes, there were many fouls by both teams, so the game was stopped on several occasions, situations that slowed the pace of the 22 who were in the green rectangle. Orbelin Pineda, Roberto Alvarado, Misael Domínguez and Santiago Giménez entered the field to try to make a difference, but a tight back from the Braves kept them at bay and prevented them from displaying their talent.

In what appeared to be a brief draw, Walter Montoya, who also entered in the second half, received the ball in midfield and observed the movement of Cabecita Rodríguez towards the center of the rival area. The Uruguayan striker accommodated the ball with the outside of his right foot to place it in front of the goalkeeper, aligned his body, and on the edge of the crescent outside the large area he took a shoe to the left side of Iván Vázquez, who could not stop the ball that was embedded in the frame of Bravos in the 88th minute.



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