(VIDEO) Real Madrid fans' chant that Xavi would not like at all

Real Madrid fans had a chant they made before the El Clasico match against FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez looks annoyed.

Before the crucial El Clasico match in La Liga, Real Madrid fans sarcastically chanted, "Xavi stay, Xavi stay," to suggest that FC Barcelona does not do well under the Spanish manager. The atmosphere outside the stadium was electric as the game could determine what happens in La Liga this season. Either FC Barcelona closes the gap to five points, or Real Madrid could be the league leader with 11 points ahead.

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Many reports in Spain suggest that Xavi could potentially stay at FC Barcelona next season despite the manager constantly saying he will not. It is yet confirmed that the Spanish coach will stay, but it is expected that next week, a meeting between Xavi and Joan Laporta will take place to determine his future.

Before the start of the match, FC Barcelona's sporting director, Deco, was asked if this would be Xavi's last El Clasico as Barcelona coach. Deco did not want to answer the question and instead said, "Xavi's last Clásico? We are still following the same topic; we have explained enough about this. The most important thing is today's match for the team."

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A popular journalist also suggests that Xavi will stay next season

Journalist and streamer Gerardo Romero spoke about Xavi's future being at FC Barcelona next season. Romero said, "Everything indicates that Xavi will stay at Barcelona next season."

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