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Everton want Roberto Martinez but the Belgian side say no

Everton had already begun inquiring about Martinez's return, but the Belgian national team was opposed to the idea.

It is therefore not difficult to understand the Belgian federation's refusal to let them take their coach with them. 
It is therefore not difficult to understand the Belgian federation's refusal to let them take their coach with them. 

Since Everton sacked Rafa Benitez yesterday, the name of Roberto Martinez had been mentioned to return to the team, but the Belgian national soccer team has given a resounding no to this request

Yesterday, as soon as the news of the sacking of Everton's Spanish coach became public, names of possible candidates to replace him began to be mentioned

Among the main candidates were names such as Graham Potter, Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, and the favorite of the "Tofees" fans, Roberto Martinez.

And what makes the search for a new coach even more desperate is the need to get Everton FC out of the relegation places, which although they are not yet in the relegation places, Benítez's work left the Liverpool club quite close to relegation. 

That is why when names began to be mentioned, one of the first to be mentioned was that of the Spanish coach. However, there is a problem with that idea.

Why couldn't Roberto Martinez manage Everton?

The main reason Martinez is not an option is that his current job would not allow him to do so, as he is the coach of the Belgian national soccer team

And as soon as Everton's first approaches to the coach began, the Belgium national soccer team said a resounding no

According to The Telegraph, the Belgian Football Federation and Roberto Martinez, Belgium's national team coach, have rejected Everton's initial approaches.

Such is Everton's urgency to secure him that they are willing to allow Martinez to serve as both Belgian coach and manager

But this proposal did not go down well with the Belgian national team, so they have given the club's initial approaches a resounding thumbs down.

The Belgian Federation is not only blocking the coach's departure but has even gone so far as to cut off all communication between Martinez and the English club. 

But why doesn't the Belgian federation want to let their coach go?

The Belgian national soccer team has very good reasons for not wanting to be without Martinez's talent. For example, the World Cup achievements they have obtained thanks to him

The memory is still fresh of the great role that team played in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, a tournament in which Martinez led his team to the semifinals of the cup

This is considered the greatest achievement ever achieved by the Belgium national team, but Martinez is also the coach with whom the national squad has grown beyond expectations.

And a golden generation has emerged from the Spanish coach's efforts from the bench, such as De Bruyne, Lukaku, Hazard, or Courtois.

It is therefore not difficult to understand the Belgian federation's refusal to let them take their coach with them. 

Why do Everton fans want to see Roberto Martinez back in the dugout?

The answer is due more to the mood factor than the results: Roberto Martínez knows Everton well and managed them between 2013 and 2016

But even though he did not win any titles at the helm of the "Toffees", the fans have fond memories of the Balaguer coach's time in charge.

That is why, along with Rooney's name, Martinez's name was among the first to appear in the possible candidates to replace Rafa Benitez. 

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