Even though he looks up to Messi and Neymar as his idols, Real Madrid wants to sign him, he beat them last year

A potnetial candidate to win the Ballon D' Or admits that Messi and Neymar where his idols growing up.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi and Neymar looking at the pitch during their time at FC Barcelona in 2016.
Lionel Messi and Neymar looking at the pitch during their time at FC Barcelona in 2016.
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Lionel Messi and Neymar have an admirer from a player that is linked to a move to Real Madrid. The player who claims that Messi and Neymar are his idols is Bayern Munich's Jamal Musiala. The German attacking midfielder talked to MARCA about the former FC Barcelona attackers and said that he was fascinated with the games that the duo played in. Musiala said, "I admired him [Messi] a lot and he always fascinated me. I grew up watching Leo and Neymar. They were my favorites because they entertained me a lot and brought a lot of joy to the game. I always stopped to watch them: Leo scoring goals or Neymar doing those tricks with the ball. Then, I would go to the garden and try to imitate them. I was always a fan of them."

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Musiala further praised Messi by calling him the greatest of all time in football. On Bayern TV, Musiala said, "For me, the GOAT has to be Leo Messi." The Bayern Munich star also went on to list the top five greatest players of all time, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Armando Maradona, Pele, and Gerd Muller.

Musiala has some Messi traits that many fans notice, such as his dribbling. Musiala often performs the body feint that Messi loves to use throughout his career, and it has been so effective on the pitch. Unlike Messi, Musiala is a right-footed player and cuts inside from the left side. Musiala could also play as an attacking midfielder from the center, where Thomas Muller has played throughout the years at Bayern Munich.

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Musiala enjoyed beating Messi and Neymar in the Champions League

Despite looking up to Messi and Neymar, Musiala enjoyed beating them in the Champions League last season during the Bayern vs PSG Round of 16 match. Bayern eliminated PSG by beating them 3-0 on aggregate. Musiala said, "That is a great feeling. [after beating Messi and Neymar]" Musiala started in both legs against Messi and Neymar's PSG last year.

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