Icardi's wife: who is Wanda Nara, the PSG player's partner and his best photos

Wanda Nara is Mauro Icardi's wife and manager. The Argentinean also has her own cosmetics brand.

Wanda Nara: the Icardi's wife
Wanda Nara: the Icardi's wife

Wanda Nara is the ex-wife of Maxi Lopez and current partner and manager of Mauro Icardi. She began her career in the Argentine media in 2006 when rumors linked her to Diego Armando Maradona. However the young woman came out to deny it and her statement to the press catapulted her to fame.

She then began a relationship with former Barcelona striker Maxi Lopez, which lasted five years and came to an end in the year October 31, 2013 by accusations of betrayal between the two, to which Wanda responded that it had been Maxi Lopez himself who had been unfaithful repeatedly. but when she separated from Maxi Lopez after five years of marriage, surprising all his followers published in their networks:

Wanda Nara divorce

Enough for Me. and immediately left Along with the couple's three children, Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto, Wanda left for Argentina, in order to seek refuge with her family. The divorce was quickly overshadowed by the news of Wanda Nara's new relationship with Mauro Icardi who had approached Lopez, then a Barcelona player, to ask for an autograph. And when, six years later, he came to share a club with him at Sampdoria, he ended up becoming one of his best friends. The three of them even have a forum together, as the three of them spent several moments together.

Many rumors spread and accused Wanda of having been unfaithful to Maxi and betrayed him with his friend Icardi with whom she married in April 2014. Wanda Nara's new partner, attracted much animosity and discontent against Icardi in Argentina, including explicit repulsions from Lopez himself. With the start of 2017, Maxi Lopez began to show himself more.

Although he continued to remain silent while other footballers expressed themselves regarding whether or not Icardi should be called up to the Argentine National Team after what happened with his friend. Even Diego Maradona himself gave his opinion on the matter and called Icardi a traitor, thus justifying that he did not want to see him with the Albiceleste. 

Wanda, after the three children she had with Lopez has two more daughters who are the fruit of her love with the young Icardi, Francesca Icardi, who was born on January 19, 2015 and Isabella Icardi, who was born on October 16, 2016, the day they were celebrating their second anniversary.

Who is Zaira Nara?

Wanda Nara's fame also gave place in the media to part of her family. Zaira Nara, her younger sister, has always had a more discreet profile and has developed a solid career as a model and entertainer. After a long time separated by the impossibility of traveling in a context marked by the pandemic, Zaira Nara landed in Paris, France, to spend several days with her sister, Wanda Nara, who lives there with Mauro Icardi and his children.

Super happy for this long-awaited reunion, the hostess took a meaningful photo with the owner of Wanda Cosmetics; they can be seen wearing cool outfits and with the spectacular Eiffel Tower in the background. In the sequence of images, two stand out in which Zaira shows herself of her sister while they both laugh and point to the sky, very grateful to be together again.

 At the

Wanda Nara and her cosmetics company

Wanda Nara launched Wanda Cosmetics, her cosmetics line: "I'm happy to bet again in Argentina, even if it's hard times I would do it again and again. Tomorrow I want you to join me at the launch of Wanda Cosmetics," she wrote on Twitter, making it clear that despite the delicate context marked by the pandemic she would invest in her homeland again.

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