Would Cristiano be mad? Beckham's recent comments about Messi that may bother CR7 and his signature to Inter Miami

David Beckham may annoy Cristiano Ronaldo when he said this about Messi.

Lionel Messi looks at his teammates while David Beckham wears a suit. Cristiano Ronaldo looks on his right side.
Lionel Messi looks at his teammates while David Beckham wears a suit. Cristiano Ronaldo looks on his right side.

David Beckham, the co-owner of Inter Miami, wants to bring Cristiano Ronaldo to the club to play alongside Lionel Messi. While the dream of the two greatest players of all time could still happen, Beckham's comments about Messi may worry fans as they believe the Portuguese star may get mad and decide not to join Inter Miami. Beckham praised Messi and considered him to be the greatest player of all time. Beckham said, "I've always been a fan of his [Messi]. I've watched him for many years, and I had a plan to bring him here to Miami. You know, he's the greatest player to ever play the game, in my opinion, and fortunately, he's on our team."

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Beckham continues to show praise to Messi and mentions why he brought the Argentine star, who joined Inter Miami last summer, to the club. The English owner said, "One of the reasons we wanted to bring Leo to America was to inspire the next generation. That was my plan." These high praises from Beckham towards Messi may not be something CR7 would like to hear.

Ronaldo is praised in the same regard in Saudi Arabia as he is the face of the Saudi Pro League and has influenced many stars to play there. CR7 is very competitive and he wants to be seen as the main guy of a team or club, not as the second best. With all the praises Messi receives at Inter Miami, Ronaldo may feel that he won't be able to have the same respect from Beckham and the fans since Messi has had a very impactful start in the United States.

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Would Ronaldo fit in the Inter Miami team?

A question many ask is if Ronaldo could fit into the team at Inter Miami with Messi. Messi and Suarez currently play up top together as two strikers. Ronaldo is a striker at Al Nassr and a right-footed player. Messi is left-footed, so the team could see CR7 as the left striker and Messi as the right striker if Inter Miami signed the Portuguese star.

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