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Chucky Lozano wife: Ana Obregón, her great support

The Mexican striker and the model have been married for more than eight years
miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2021 · 05:00

Mexico beat Costa Rica 1-0 in a warm-up friendly in Austria. For that to be possible, Hirving Lozano had to score the only goal in the win. Now, many wonder who is the great support that the Napoli forward has outside the stadiums. The answer's simple: Ana Obregón.

Hirving Lozano and Ana Obregón.

The forward's personal life remains very far from his career. Few know that at 25 he is married to Ana Obregón and they're the parents of two children: a girl who was born in 2014 named Danielle and the second he received in April 2017, whom he named Rodrigo.

"Ana was his first girlfriend, fortunately they had the baby and that made him much more mature. That situation - from when the girl was born - caused a radical change in his life. He wanted to achieve his goal of being a professional. For him his children are the best, that's why he fights and fights for his children", Jesus Lozano, Hirving's father, told the Reforma newspaper a few months ago.

"When they gave him his first salary in Pachuca, the baby was already there. The first thing Hirving did was go buy him toys and clothes. The emotion he had was so great that the first thing he did was look for something for his baby", he said.

And it is that according to the Al Día Dallas portal, Lozano was close to being expelled from the Tuzo High Performance Center during his formative stage in the lower Pachuca, due to his bad academic behavior. But meeting Ana Obregón changed the life of El Chucky.

"Anita has given him that maturity. It was very difficult for us when he became a father at 18 because he was a child. So Anita gave him that maturity", Jesús Martínez Patiño, president of Grupo Pachuca, explained to the aforementioned media. who received 11-year-old Lozano in the basic forces of the Tuzos.

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