Guido Rodríguez

He shone in America, he's a figure in Spain and now a Premier League giant's looking for him

The midfielder who played for the Aguilas is a key player in Betis
lunes, 22 de marzo de 2021 · 17:45

Arsenal intends to push hard this coming summer for the signing of Argentine midfielder Guido Rodríguez, who has become a bastion of Betis midfield since his arrival at the Verdiblanco club in January 2020, from America. Scouts from the London club have been closely monitoring the international albiceleste for months, for which Betis paid three million euros - more variable - for 75% of the pass to America in Mexico a little over a year ago, as the contract of Guido expired in June 2020 and had rejected the offers that the Mexicans had presented to him to renew.

The market value of Guido Rodríguez has multiplied since his arrival at Real Betis, especially due to the excellent performance he is offering this season at the hands of Manuel Pellegrini, despite the fact that he recently played several games with muscle discomfort that reduced his performance and they made him miss several games, in which his position was successfully occupied by the young Ivorian Paul Akouokou.

Guido Rodríguez, who turns 27 in April, has a contract with Real Betis until June 2024 and a termination clause that exceeds 80 million euros and Arsenal has set his sights on him after not meeting expectations with the signing of Thomas Partey -turns 28 years in June-, for which last September he paid the 50 million euros of his termination clause to Atlético Madrid.

Thomas, weighed down by a hip injury and another series of muscular ailments, is not giving the expected performance and has only played 966 'in the Premier this season, spread over 15 games - he has played in another four of the Europa League and one of the FA-, only four of them complete, two at the end of October and the last two, against Tottenham and West Ham.

Betis know the follow-up that is being done

At Betis they know the intentions and the close monitoring that Arsenal is carrying out of Guido Rodríguez, who is not the only Betis footballer who is controlled by the 'Gunners', who despite the crisis have enough financial resources to present a An important offer for his transfer, since its owner, the American Stan Kroenke - also owner of the NBA's Denver Nuggets, the NFL's Saint Louis Rams and the Walmart supermarket chain - has an estimated net worth of more than 8,000 million dollars .

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